Misconceptions About Interior Design

Like any other profession in the world similarly, there exist some misconceptions about the world of interior design. Some think it is just a process of matching fabrics and buying furniture like they see portrayed in television shows and movies. While that part may be true, it is also a small representation of the actual goings-on of the profession. There are other misconceptions that have held back many from seeking the services of interior designers.

– Interior designers are not expensive. This is perhaps the biggest one that discourages people from hiring them. First and foremost, designers work within your budget, no matter how small.

– They won’t impose their style on you. Every home has its own feel and every homeowner their own taste. An interior designer’s job is to bring out space’s elements by staying true to what makes each home and homeowner unique. If a piece is not to your liking, it can be removed.

They are not difficult. Do you really think an entire service-based industry would be built on people who were rude and difficult? Their rumored rigidness has been perpetuated so much that it scares off potential clients for fear of losing control of projects. Designers are some of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet.

Homeowners thinking they can do it themselves. You could actually have some great ideas and have the whole vision for the house but a designer can bring a lot of unique elements to the table. They have more access to showrooms than you, they know the good deals and are backed by their education and work experience.

Designers are not all-knowing. While it is their job to know more than your average person, your interior designer will still be lacking in some areas. They have unique showroom access and get great deals and discounts however if you run into a better deal somewhere else, don’t go yelling at them for failing to get it for you. They are doing the best they can and even without that last offer, you will love the final result.

It will definitely be a space you can live in. Forget the homes you see on glossy magazine pages that scare you into thinking there will be a lot of pretty things you can not touch or sit on. Interior designers are in the business of making homes and are skilled in making beautiful livable spaces. A great tip is to check out some of their previous work before deciding who to work with.

Their home isn’t as flashy as you would imagine. In fact, the projects they work on may be prettier than their own. Not to say that the place is shabby or unpleasant to look at. Design requires a lot of work and therefore they may just be too tired to duplicate the process in their off time at home. After all, your home should be where you go to get away from work, right?