Reasons to use Room Dividers for Your Rental Apartment

Living in a spacious house feels good. If your living room is huge enough to make several other rooms, you can comfortably do so without damaging the structural integrity of your home or looking for a constructor. This is by using room dividers and it’s amazing how many designs you can get in the market.

Why should you Consider Room Dividers?

You are probably living in a rental apartment where you need the landlord’s permission to divide the room permanently. Of course not many will agree to such an idea. This is where this kind of partitioning comes in.

  • You do not need Weeks to Install

The notion that many get is that dividing their rental rooms will require a lot of work, getting all the materials and managing the construction. You do not need all that or a professional to fix some of these room dividers. You will only need a few hours to create a room or several rooms. It’s the easiness to install that helps in saving time.

  • Easy to Get Your Desired Room

It could be you wish that you could get a certain kind of a room. Maybe the size, the decorations and the material is what matters to you. It is a temporary room but you can make the best out of it. With room dividers, you can get any material, any design, colour and sizes. Some have additional features such as windows, closets and doors. You have so many options that the rooms you create depends on your creativity. You have all you need in your hands to create your dream rooms.

  • A Great way to Save Money

Dividing your apartment permanently will definitely cost a lot more than you would spend partitioning it temporarily. You will create a room or rooms on these two occasions but one option is more affordable than the other. With room dividers, you will still have the room of your desires without breaking the bank. Some of the cost determinants are the dividers’ material and size.

If you do not have permission to divide your room permanently or you are sharing it, you should create more space with room dividers. These non-damaging room partition solutions have become popular since they are not only easy to install, but they are cost-effective and serve the purpose. They are also versatile depending on your requirements.

See Different Interior Design Styles With A 3D Designer

Interior design is all about your comfort and bringing aesthetic in your home. Interior designers will suggest you plenty of interior design styles. However, it’s only up to you to decide whether you chose something modern and classy, or something more cozy and old-fashioned.

And there’s no better way to make up your mind than to see different design styles in 3D. In order to do that, you must hire a 3D professional designer first and check these 8 best interior design styles after. Keep in mind that these interior design styles are highly recommended by clients worldwide and one of the most frequently used in the designing process.

Mid-Century Modern interior design style

The mid-1900s style is one of the most iconic and modern ways in the interior designing world. Characterized by minimalist ornamentation, refined lines, and natural shapes, the mid-century interior style is one of the most wanted on the market. Choosing this style will create an unbreakable connection between your house and nature, and embellish your home in a simple yet creative way.

Industrial interior design style

The name speaks for itself. The industrial look will bring you back in the industrial era. It’s characterized by a liberal explosion of steel and pipes, brick walls, metal surfaces and wooden elements. The secret of this design style hides in displaying natural materials that many homeowners would prefer to conceal. Choosing this interior style is a challenge. However, it’s worth the risk and time because, from an ordinary living place, your home will convert into a warehouse-like modern space.

Nautical interior design style

The nautical interior style is the symbol of positivity, calmness, and warmth. Characterized by the blue, sand or white colored foundation, the nautical interior design style will bring the New England’s beach spirit inside your home. Nautical will never go out of fashion, however, keep in mind that this design style doesn’t meet everyone’s taste. Before choosing this interior style, make sure that you’re comfortable with the sea appearance of your home you’ll be facing daily.

Scandinavian interior design style

Minimalism, simplicity, and functionality are the main characteristics of the Scandinavian interior style. This style will turn your home into a more welcome, pleasant and warm place to be around. Clear lines, refined elegance, minimal ornamentation and earthy natural tones are the main features of the Scandinavian style. Floors are usually wooden, as well as the furniture.

Bohemian interior design style

Are you a fan of natural creativity? If yes, then the Bohemian interior design style is the perfect choice for you and your home. Characterized by vibrant colors and bold patterns, this style will turn your home into a colorful masterpiece. Are you considering yourself as an open-minded person who thinks ‘outside the box’? If yes, the Bohemian style will certainly meet your lifestyle and character. Why? Because even it’s named ‘bohemian’ is often used to describe the outside-box-thinkers!

Farmhouse interior design style

Farmhouse style is all about comfort, casual feel and represents the rural farm living. Often referred as a country or French country, the farmhouse interior will make your home a much warmer and simple place to live in. Antique furniture, rocking chairs, and traditional earthy tones are the main features of this style. If you’re looking for something simple yet charming interior style, this is the one.

Urban Modern interior design style

The Urban Modern interior style is a blending mix of minimalist and bohemian style. Characterized with minimal ornamentation, concrete floors, and unfinished surfaces, the Urban modern interior will turn your place into a chic and functional living space. The simple, beautiful and clever way of organizing your home – what more could you ask for? Comfort you say? We forgot to mention that comfort is the middle name for Urban Modern interior design style!

Shabby Chic interior design style

Are you a romantic sweetheart who loves vintage style? If yes, you were born for the Shabby Chick interior design style! This style will bring a soft and feminine touch in your home and turn it into the most romantic place on earth.

Characterized by white and pastel colors, painted and worn-out layers, unique pillows made of vintage fabrics and roses prints, the Shabby Chic is one of the most beloved interior styles amongst women. Already in love with the Shabby Chic style? Feel free to apply it in your home starting today!

Let’s Delve Into The History Of Interior Design

Interior designing is a mixture of science and arts, a comparatively different and progressing field. To accomplish vigorous and appealingly attractive atmosphere, the interior designers use the art and science of improving the interiors and sometimes exterior for space or building. Interior designer is that person who plans, explores and accomplishes different projects to beautify certain places.

History of Commercial Interior Design and Management

In the 1880s a feminist author Mary Hawses inscribed many essays in which she inspired the people how to furnish their houses like a fish shell and birds nest. She forced the people to think on good taste of decorating their houses as houses represent an individual taste and habits.

Later many new interior designers came who pay attention of people for having a good taste to decorate their houses like Candace Wheeler was first women interior designer in America. She had national authority on home design as she presented many art courses in the main American cities. Later in UK Elsie De Wolfe was one of a first female designer who by snubbing the Victorian style chosen an energetic scheme and relaxed furniture in her home. Her motive was delicate, light and fresh colors. She amassed her ideas in 1913 into a book “the house in good taste.”

Interior Designing as a Profession

Now the interior designing is the most familiar field so, to become a professional interior designer people can take several paths. To work with a senior designer and to get training from it is the informal Way of becoming a designer and has been used previously. Now the most proper and formal way of becoming a designer is to get an education from a proper college and Institute. By getting an education with a professional organization of interior designer, anyone can make excellence performance in that field.

Several employment opportunities are present in interior designing. Interior designers are hired as employees by large and tiny cooperation’s while some work on contract basis. While some interior designers start their work to fulfill the promising needs of people according to their taste.

There are two main segments in the profession of interior designing.

  • Residential
  • Commercial


To design the interior of private residences is known as residential design. Some people hire interior designers for the decoration of their houses. Sometimes they also hire them for the decoration of some events in their houses.


There are many subspecialties in the field of commercial designing.

People hire interior designers to decorate malls, shopping centers, departmental stores and their showrooms. Sometimes they have a project to design hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships, bars, cafes, theaters, night clubs, music and concert halls, sports venues, opera houses, gyms, health clubs, and spas. Somehow there is some exhibition planned in a city, and they are hired to decorate exhibition hall, museums, exhibition gallery.

While they also have a career in the field of education as they hired in the private institute to gives proper classes to students. So interior designing is now a good field which many people select as their career.