How to Choose a Reliable Interior Designer

From time to time, as a homeowner, you should consider rearranging your house and redecorating it. Working with professional painters or interior designers helps a great deal when it comes to this. If you love these projects personalized and perhaps you have been collecting different items for such tasks, you can opt to hire an interior redecorator. They do it professionally to reflect your personality. How can you get a reliable interior designer?

Understand How They Handle the Budget

As you choose an interior designer to work with, it’s important that you understand how they handle the budget. Definitely, you have a budget that you are working with and you want the money set aside to complete the project. Ask the designer about their payment plans. Understanding this gives you peace of mind.

Ask for Their Portfolio

A good designer is one who is trained and experienced in what they do. You do not want a trial and error person. To have an idea of what to expect from them, you should ask for their portfolio. Look at it and see whether they match your requirements. Although what they will present is what their clients required, you can tell if they will achieve your desired results.

Know what you want

As you choose an interior designer that you want to work with, understand and be clear on your expectations. Get catalogs and magazines among other publications that will at least show what you need. When you know what you want, you make your work and that of the designer easy. What is left is just perfecting things for your dream results.

They should be certified

By being certified, you know that they are trained, experienced, they observe safety measures and they know how to bring out the best in their projects. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you are working with a professional who is experienced in different requirements. Working with a designer who is not certified brings a lot of uncertainty as the results are unpredictable. 

Interior designing is something that needs someone who is trained and experienced. Again, it requires someone who is creative not just being certified. It’s the creativity in the designer that makes a space outstanding. Apart from this, they should be able to explain how they handle the budget and they should have a good portfolio to show.

Brilliant Interior Designs for Your Office

Trends in office space have evolved over time and having a desk and cabinets full of files is no longer the in-thing. Interior design has played a significant role in transforming offices. Offices are now well-equipped with TVs, comfortable sofa sets, refrigerators, kitchenette, gyms, bathrooms among other amenities. 

Getting an Interior Designer

Reputable interior designers keep up with current trends. They know what is trending and what will make your office more attractive without breaking the bank. You can get one from your locality, through referrals or even from the internet. One good with using the internet is that you have an idea of what to expect from the interior designer.

  • Consider Different Color Hues

The color that you choose for your office space highly influences the mood of that inside. You can never run out of the hues you choose from. Research and consider colors that are perfect for the lounge area, the meeting rooms, and the work stations. Play with colors that will bring relaxation, a conversational mood, energy to get things done and happiness while in the office.

  • Reflect Your Company in Your Office Style

Your office style depicts what you want and it is not a challenge to reflect your company in the interior design of your office. Whether you want to represent vacationing, a playful nature, an outgoing style, agriculture or fun activities, it is easy to incorporate this in the style of your office. Experts say that your company’s mission should be seen in how the office appears.

  • Choose a Perfect Layout

Your office will not look its best if the most appropriate layout is not chosen. One thing that many do not understand is that the setting or the layout of an office makes a significant difference in how productive employees are. A professional interior designer will suggest layouts that boost the performance of your employees and keeps your guests relaxed.

The office could be where you spend most of your time, where you meet your clients and potential investors as well as where you make money. This simply means that it should be as comfortable as possible and one way to do so is to ensure that the interior design is at its highest level. When the working environment is conducive and your clients are comfortable, you know you are closer to hitting your targets.

Reasons to use Room Dividers for Your Rental Apartment

Living in a spacious house feels good. If your living room is huge enough to make several other rooms, you can comfortably do so without damaging the structural integrity of your home or looking for a constructor. This is by using room dividers and it’s amazing how many designs you can get in the market.

Why should you Consider Room Dividers?

You are probably living in a rental apartment where you need the landlord’s permission to divide the room permanently. Of course not many will agree to such an idea. This is where this kind of partitioning comes in.

  • You do not need Weeks to Install

The notion that many get is that dividing their rental rooms will require a lot of work, getting all the materials and managing the construction. You do not need all that or a professional to fix some of these room dividers. You will only need a few hours to create a room or several rooms. It’s the easiness to install that helps in saving time.

  • Easy to Get Your Desired Room

It could be you wish that you could get a certain kind of a room. Maybe the size, the decorations and the material is what matters to you. It is a temporary room but you can make the best out of it. With room dividers, you can get any material, any design, colour and sizes. Some have additional features such as windows, closets and doors. You have so many options that the rooms you create depends on your creativity. You have all you need in your hands to create your dream rooms.

  • A Great way to Save Money

Dividing your apartment permanently will definitely cost a lot more than you would spend partitioning it temporarily. You will create a room or rooms on these two occasions but one option is more affordable than the other. With room dividers, you will still have the room of your desires without breaking the bank. Some of the cost determinants are the dividers’ material and size.

If you do not have permission to divide your room permanently or you are sharing it, you should create more space with room dividers. These non-damaging room partition solutions have become popular since they are not only easy to install, but they are cost-effective and serve the purpose. They are also versatile depending on your requirements.

Make Your Home More Appealing with an Interior Designer

If you just moved into a new home, an apartment or you consider your current home not appealing, you can give it some life with decorations. Keeping your house well-organized is not all you need to have a beautiful home. Decorations will make it even more appealing. Hiring a professional interior designer will make this a reality especially when you are creative and open for ideas.

Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Interior designers study the art of decorations and they are creative enough to give your home an aesthetic appeal. They will play with colors and decorations to do this.

  • You Will Save Money

Quite often, most people will make interior design mistakes either from the combination of colors or furniture. Some mistakes can be costly where you will need to spend more money than you would have with a professional.

Whether it is a scheme they will come up with so that you can do the rest or they will do the scheme and the design, it will save you money. You are also assured of value for money.

  • It Makes Decorating Easier

You will spend a lot of time trying to figure out what will work. With an interior designer specialist, all you need to do is tell them your requirements and they will see things that you cannot. This includes how the home will feel like and how it will look like.

They will work with you to come up with a design that will match your needs. When a professional works with you and involves you in every step, you will find that doing things is easier.

  • The Final Result is Awesome

A good interior designer has the experience and creativity that a homeowner may not see. Once you are clear on what you want, they can customize the designs and think outside the box to come up with a result that you barely thought was possible. This will give an awesome final result through matching of palettes and beautiful colors.

You Will Love Your Home

When you have a home that you have always dreamt of, it feels great. You will long to go home in the evening. Although most people believe that it’s more worth to decorate your own-home than a rented house, you can also give your apartment or rented house a home feeling. There are no limitations with interior design and a specialist will bring out the best in it.

How to Brighten Your Home with Colors

A dull decor can make your home a dull place to be. For those that do not love colors, you do not have to add life to your dull decor with bright colors as there is earth color combination that can give life to your home.

You can bring out your personal style with colors. Although you want your home to look its best, you are not only doing it for the visitors, but also for those who live in the house. How can you brighten the dull decor?

  • Change Your Lighting

Did you know that lighting plays a significant role in the appearance of your house? Lighting can boost your mood and improve the overall look of your home. There are different kinds of lighting that you can use and to bring out the best of your house while creating an inviting ambiance, work with an interior designer.

It does not have to be expensive lighting as you can opt for traditional lamps and LED bulbs that will last for a long time to come. You will love the warmth and the appearance that lighting will give any room.

Decorative lighting is amazing when placed below cabinets, atop a cabinet or even over a painting. Do not tire to try where the light will bring an appealing appearance.

  • Add Color to Your Floors and Ceilings

You can have a ceiling or floor of any color that you want. Paired with a beautiful chandelier that matches the theme of the house, a colorful ceiling can make your house beautiful.

For the floor, you can use a beautiful carpet to add a splash of color to the general look of the house. Besides these two, you can have some throw multicolored pillows on the seats.

  • Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors have several uses in the house. They are used while dressing up, to make a room look spacious and now to improve the look of the house.

Mirrors can light up your house and make significant changes in its appearance. Reflecting light from different angles, it is an amazing way to give the interiors of the house a beautiful look.

Incorporating colors into your house can give a beautiful overall look. It is all about being creative and versatile with the options that you have. Whether you want to paint the house, buy colorful furniture or use other techniques to add color, you will not run out of options.

Compelling reasons why you should hire an interior designer

Do you want your home or office to look better? Then you should consider hiring an interior designer. Trying to decorate your home on your own is not really a smart move because you don’t have the skill or the expertise to do it effectively. You are not going to know where or how to begin to beautify your home also you are going to need help in piecing things together. People who know a thing or two about interior designing are often very busy with other activities and don’t have the time to execute their desire.  

In this article, we are going to be looking at some benefits of hiring a professional interior designer. 

Save money 

Many people have the notion that interior designers are expensive, providing pricey items that may not add much value. In reality, the reverse is the case. A good designer will help you avoid regrettable mistakes that are often going to be costly. At the end of the project, your home or office is going to look professional, the quality of your life is going to be enhanced, and the value of your property is going to be increased.  

Preparing a professional design plan  

Top notch designers; spend a large chunk of their time determining the needs and budget of their clients. They are not going to invoke their style on you, rather, they are going to determine your style and help you fulfill your dreams or desires in the area they are going to design.  

Before they start designing your home, they are going to develop a detailed plan that contains every aspect of your project. The design plan helps to eliminate unpleasant surprises. It is also going to ensure that your project proceeds without any mistake that is likely going to be costly and frustrating.  


Set priorities  

A professional designer is not only going to upgrade the look of your home. They are also going to help you negotiate, coordinate and handle every part of your project.  

Stay on a budget  

A good designer is going to help you prepare a detailed breakdown of the cost of installation, fabrication, shipping and so on. This is going to help you track the progress, as well as, the cost of the project. Even more, it’s going to help you spend your money effectively.  

Final note  

These are by no means the only reasons why you should hire a professional interior designer. By doing some more research you are sure to find out more reasons. 

See Different Interior Design Styles With A 3D Designer

Interior design is all about your comfort and bringing aesthetic in your home. Interior designers will suggest you plenty of interior design styles. However, it’s only up to you to decide whether you chose something modern and classy, or something more cozy and old-fashioned.

And there’s no better way to make up your mind than to see different design styles in 3D. In order to do that, you must hire a 3D professional designer first and check these 8 best interior design styles after. Keep in mind that these interior design styles are highly recommended by clients worldwide and one of the most frequently used in the designing process.

Mid-Century Modern interior design style

The mid-1900s style is one of the most iconic and modern ways in the interior designing world. Characterized by minimalist ornamentation, refined lines, and natural shapes, the mid-century interior style is one of the most wanted on the market. Choosing this style will create an unbreakable connection between your house and nature, and embellish your home in a simple yet creative way.

Industrial interior design style

The name speaks for itself. The industrial look will bring you back in the industrial era. It’s characterized by a liberal explosion of steel and pipes, brick walls, metal surfaces and wooden elements. The secret of this design style hides in displaying natural materials that many homeowners would prefer to conceal. Choosing this interior style is a challenge. However, it’s worth the risk and time because, from an ordinary living place, your home will convert into a warehouse-like modern space.

Nautical interior design style

The nautical interior style is the symbol of positivity, calmness, and warmth. Characterized by the blue, sand or white colored foundation, the nautical interior design style will bring the New England’s beach spirit inside your home. Nautical will never go out of fashion, however, keep in mind that this design style doesn’t meet everyone’s taste. Before choosing this interior style, make sure that you’re comfortable with the sea appearance of your home you’ll be facing daily.

Scandinavian interior design style

Minimalism, simplicity, and functionality are the main characteristics of the Scandinavian interior style. This style will turn your home into a more welcome, pleasant and warm place to be around. Clear lines, refined elegance, minimal ornamentation and earthy natural tones are the main features of the Scandinavian style. Floors are usually wooden, as well as the furniture.

Bohemian interior design style

Are you a fan of natural creativity? If yes, then the Bohemian interior design style is the perfect choice for you and your home. Characterized by vibrant colors and bold patterns, this style will turn your home into a colorful masterpiece. Are you considering yourself as an open-minded person who thinks ‘outside the box’? If yes, the Bohemian style will certainly meet your lifestyle and character. Why? Because even it’s named ‘bohemian’ is often used to describe the outside-box-thinkers!

Farmhouse interior design style

Farmhouse style is all about comfort, casual feel and represents the rural farm living. Often referred as a country or French country, the farmhouse interior will make your home a much warmer and simple place to live in. Antique furniture, rocking chairs, and traditional earthy tones are the main features of this style. If you’re looking for something simple yet charming interior style, this is the one.

Urban Modern interior design style

The Urban Modern interior style is a blending mix of minimalist and bohemian style. Characterized with minimal ornamentation, concrete floors, and unfinished surfaces, the Urban modern interior will turn your place into a chic and functional living space. The simple, beautiful and clever way of organizing your home – what more could you ask for? Comfort you say? We forgot to mention that comfort is the middle name for Urban Modern interior design style!

Shabby Chic interior design style

Are you a romantic sweetheart who loves vintage style? If yes, you were born for the Shabby Chick interior design style! This style will bring a soft and feminine touch in your home and turn it into the most romantic place on earth.

Characterized by white and pastel colors, painted and worn-out layers, unique pillows made of vintage fabrics and roses prints, the Shabby Chic is one of the most beloved interior styles amongst women. Already in love with the Shabby Chic style? Feel free to apply it in your home starting today!

Misconceptions About Interior Design

Like any other profession in the world similarly, there exist some misconceptions about the world of interior design. Some think it is just a process of matching fabrics and buying furniture like they see portrayed in television shows and movies. While that part may be true, it is also a small representation of the actual goings-on of the profession. There are other misconceptions that have held back many from seeking the services of interior designers.

– Interior designers are not expensive. This is perhaps the biggest one that discourages people from hiring them. First and foremost, designers work within your budget, no matter how small.

– They won’t impose their style on you. Every home has its own feel and every homeowner their own taste. An interior designer’s job is to bring out space’s elements by staying true to what makes each home and homeowner unique. If a piece is not to your liking, it can be removed.

They are not difficult. Do you really think an entire service-based industry would be built on people who were rude and difficult? Their rumored rigidness has been perpetuated so much that it scares off potential clients for fear of losing control of projects. Designers are some of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet.

Homeowners thinking they can do it themselves. You could actually have some great ideas and have the whole vision for the house but a designer can bring a lot of unique elements to the table. They have more access to showrooms than you, they know the good deals and are backed by their education and work experience.

Designers are not all-knowing. While it is their job to know more than your average person, your interior designer will still be lacking in some areas. They have unique showroom access and get great deals and discounts however if you run into a better deal somewhere else, don’t go yelling at them for failing to get it for you. They are doing the best they can and even without that last offer, you will love the final result.

It will definitely be a space you can live in. Forget the homes you see on glossy magazine pages that scare you into thinking there will be a lot of pretty things you can not touch or sit on. Interior designers are in the business of making homes and are skilled in making beautiful livable spaces. A great tip is to check out some of their previous work before deciding who to work with.

Their home isn’t as flashy as you would imagine. In fact, the projects they work on may be prettier than their own. Not to say that the place is shabby or unpleasant to look at. Design requires a lot of work and therefore they may just be too tired to duplicate the process in their off time at home. After all, your home should be where you go to get away from work, right?

Interior Design Trends in 2018

Whether you are looking to rebuild your kitchen or just spice up your home a little bit, staying up to date on what is hip and happening in the design world is challenging. Just like fashion, interior design changes continuously and what is super modern now, may already be over by the time we have the time to adapt.

Below we have compiled a list of colors and designs we believe will become the focus in 2018.

Going Green

Although President Donald Trump may disagree, the current trend is going more green. We are becoming more aware and conscious of our environment and concerns about deforestation and carbon footprints are growing.

The eccentric and expensive designs of the past years are out! So is the concept of fast furniture, which describes the previous consumerism of cheap furniture that you know you will get rid of in the next season.

The coming years will see green, eco-friendly and recycled interior designs.

Metropolitan Construction

Although not entirely new, in 2018 the interior design of the modern house will definitely include plenty of basic materials and textures from construction.

A wall exposing red brick in a guest room is no longer new, but in the coming season materials such as smooth concrete leave the kitchen and expand to the rest of the house. Modern, simple and minimalist, many of the hippest designs show concrete as walls and ceilings. Unexposed or with a light coat of color, the idea is to keep it basic.

Smaller home, smaller furniture

As our lives seem to get busier and ever bigger, our living spaces tend to shrink. The big pompous interior designs of the past move aside, for the smaller and more contemporary style. This trend seems to go hand in hand with the eco-movement. Simple, basic and minimalist.


I don’t know if you see a pattern here, but everything is going more towards the awareness side. Recycling is a huge thing and interior design is no exception. Refurbishing and spicing up vintage furniture is becoming the newest hype and we believe it fits in perfectly with the overall movement.

Global World, Global Home

We live in an increasingly globally orientated world. Travelling has become cheaper and more accessible and in combination with the internet, Facebook and other social media, the world seems to be getting ever smaller.

Other cultures no longer seem so foreign and bringing some of the world homes is tempting. This could be Asian style Feng-Shui interior design or Moroccan lamps. The idea is to mix and match two cultures that may previously have seemed contradictory.

Sincerity and Cosiness

Minimalism has been big and continues to be so in 2018. The difference is that while minimalism was previously interpreted as cold and structured, it becomes a bit more personal and cozy in the coming year. Move away from the harsh white light and dark contrasts and embrace more fluidity.

5 Signs Your House is Screaming at you for a Remodel

Remodeling a house is not an easy decision to make. For some people, remodeling feels like erasing the memories made in the house –and you wouldn’t blame them for that. Others are just not quite ready for the money draining venture. Also understandable because remodeling can be such an expensive affair. However, there are some signs that begin to pop up forcing you to revisit your decision on remodeling. These sure signs are:

#1 – Your Family is Bumping into Each Other Everywhere

You’ll know it’s time to remodel when everyone is bumping into each other in the staircases, the hallways, the kitchen, the bathroom…almost everywhere. This means your family is outgrowing the house.

Your kids are getting bigger, but the house isn’t. The moment you feel the house is getting a little bit cramped, it’s to plan for a remodel.

#2 – Hidden House Defects Start to Show

When the roof starts to leak, paint starts to chip or you are constantly having issues with the air conditioning system, remodeling is imperative. These house defects can pose an imminent risk to your family and must be dealt with as soon as possible.

#3 – The House is Hopelessly Outdated

If every time you visit your friend’s house, come back home and start to wonder why your house feels so empty & boring – maybe your house is trying to tell you something; it needs some updating.

Do people do white appliances anymore? Probably not, because stainless steel has taken over and it’s more appealing. Make your house look like it’s in the 21st century and watch the emptiness disappear. Consider one of these common ways to update your home: bathroom remodel, kitchen redesign, back or front yard landscaping.

#4 – Empty Rooms When Kids Move Out

When your kids move out, you are left with empty rooms staring at you. You should probably think about utilizing the empty bedrooms. With the help of a contractor/home designer, you can turn the rooms to offices, guest room, entertainment room or home gym.

#5 – Unwilling to Move Despite the Poor Condition of the House

When the status of your house isn’t so appealing, but you are unwilling to move, you better start thinking about remodeling.  Most people don’t like moving because of the deep emotional connection to the house. Saying goodbye to a place full of memories is tough for most people. Others don’t want to disrupt their kids learning by moving to a different area. Whatever the reason, remodeling is the only viable option.