5 Signs Your House is Screaming at you for a Remodel

Remodeling a house is not an easy decision to make. For some people, remodeling feels like erasing the memories made in the house –and you wouldn’t blame them for that. Others are just not quite ready for the money draining venture. Also understandable because remodeling can be such an expensive affair. However, there are some signs that begin to pop up forcing you to revisit your decision on remodeling. These sure signs are:

#1 – Your Family is Bumping into Each Other Everywhere

You’ll know it’s time to remodel when everyone is bumping into each other in the staircases, the hallways, the kitchen, the bathroom…almost everywhere. This means your family is outgrowing the house.

Your kids are getting bigger, but the house isn’t. The moment you feel the house is getting a little bit cramped, it’s to plan for a remodel.

#2 – Hidden House Defects Start to Show

When the roof starts to leak, paint starts to chip or you are constantly having issues with the air conditioning system, remodeling is imperative. These house defects can pose an imminent risk to your family and must be dealt with as soon as possible.

#3 – The House is Hopelessly Outdated

If every time you visit your friend’s house, come back home and start to wonder why your house feels so empty & boring – maybe your house is trying to tell you something; it needs some updating.

Do people do white appliances anymore? Probably not, because stainless steel has taken over and it’s more appealing. Make your house look like it’s in the 21st century and watch the emptiness disappear. Consider one of these common ways to update your home: bathroom remodel, kitchen redesign, back or front yard landscaping.

#4 – Empty Rooms When Kids Move Out

When your kids move out, you are left with empty rooms staring at you. You should probably think about utilizing the empty bedrooms. With the help of a contractor/home designer, you can turn the rooms to offices, guest room, entertainment room or home gym.

#5 – Unwilling to Move Despite the Poor Condition of the House

When the status of your house isn’t so appealing, but you are unwilling to move, you better start thinking about remodeling.  Most people don’t like moving because of the deep emotional connection to the house. Saying goodbye to a place full of memories is tough for most people. Others don’t want to disrupt their kids learning by moving to a different area. Whatever the reason, remodeling is the only viable option.

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