Let’s Delve Into The History Of Interior Design

Interior designing is a mixture of science and arts, a comparatively different and progressing field. To accomplish vigorous and appealingly attractive atmosphere, the interior designers use the art and science of improving the interiors and sometimes exterior for space or building. Interior designer is that person who plans, explores and accomplishes different projects to beautify certain places.

History of Commercial Interior Design and Management

In the 1880s a feminist author Mary Hawses inscribed many essays in which she inspired the people how to furnish their houses like a fish shell and birds nest. She forced the people to think on good taste of decorating their houses as houses represent an individual taste and habits.

Later many new interior designers came who pay attention of people for having a good taste to decorate their houses like Candace Wheeler was first women interior designer in America. She had national authority on home design as she presented many art courses in the main American cities. Later in UK Elsie De Wolfe was one of a first female designer who by snubbing the Victorian style chosen an energetic scheme and relaxed furniture in her home. Her motive was delicate, light and fresh colors. She amassed her ideas in 1913 into a book “the house in good taste.”

Interior Designing as a Profession

Now the interior designing is the most familiar field so, to become a professional interior designer people can take several paths. To work with a senior designer and to get training from it is the informal Way of becoming a designer and has been used previously. Now the most proper and formal way of becoming a designer is to get an education from a proper college and Institute. By getting an education with a professional organization of interior designer, anyone can make excellence performance in that field.

Several employment opportunities are present in interior designing. Interior designers are hired as employees by large and tiny cooperation’s while some work on contract basis. While some interior designers start their work to fulfill the promising needs of people according to their taste.

There are two main segments in the profession of interior designing.

  • Residential
  • Commercial


To design the interior of private residences is known as residential design. Some people hire interior designers for the decoration of their houses. Sometimes they also hire them for the decoration of some events in their houses.


There are many subspecialties in the field of commercial designing.

People hire interior designers to decorate malls, shopping centers, departmental stores and their showrooms. Sometimes they have a project to design hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships, bars, cafes, theaters, night clubs, music and concert halls, sports venues, opera houses, gyms, health clubs, and spas. Somehow there is some exhibition planned in a city, and they are hired to decorate exhibition hall, museums, exhibition gallery.

While they also have a career in the field of education as they hired in the private institute to gives proper classes to students. So interior designing is now a good field which many people select as their career.

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