Interior Design Trends in 2018

Whether you are looking to rebuild your kitchen or just spice up your home a little bit, staying up to date on what is hip and happening in the design world is challenging. Just like fashion, interior design changes continuously and what is super modern now, may already be over by the time we have the time to adapt.

Below we have compiled a list of colors and designs we believe will become the focus in 2018.

Going Green

Although President Donald Trump may disagree, the current trend is going more green. We are becoming more aware and conscious of our environment and concerns about deforestation and carbon footprints are growing.

The eccentric and expensive designs of the past years are out! So is the concept of fast furniture, which describes the previous consumerism of cheap furniture that you know you will get rid of in the next season.

The coming years will see green, eco-friendly and recycled interior designs.

Metropolitan Construction

Although not entirely new, in 2018 the interior design of the modern house will definitely include plenty of basic materials and textures from construction.

A wall exposing red brick in a guest room is no longer new, but in the coming season materials such as smooth concrete leave the kitchen and expand to the rest of the house. Modern, simple and minimalist, many of the hippest designs show concrete as walls and ceilings. Unexposed or with a light coat of color, the idea is to keep it basic.

Smaller home, smaller furniture

As our lives seem to get busier and ever bigger, our living spaces tend to shrink. The big pompous interior designs of the past move aside, for the smaller and more contemporary style. This trend seems to go hand in hand with the eco-movement. Simple, basic and minimalist.


I don’t know if you see a pattern here, but everything is going more towards the awareness side. Recycling is a huge thing and interior design is no exception. Refurbishing and spicing up vintage furniture is becoming the newest hype and we believe it fits in perfectly with the overall movement.

Global World, Global Home

We live in an increasingly globally orientated world. Travelling has become cheaper and more accessible and in combination with the internet, Facebook and other social media, the world seems to be getting ever smaller.

Other cultures no longer seem so foreign and bringing some of the world homes is tempting. This could be Asian style Feng-Shui interior design or Moroccan lamps. The idea is to mix and match two cultures that may previously have seemed contradictory.

Sincerity and Cosiness

Minimalism has been big and continues to be so in 2018. The difference is that while minimalism was previously interpreted as cold and structured, it becomes a bit more personal and cozy in the coming year. Move away from the harsh white light and dark contrasts and embrace more fluidity.

5 Signs Your House is Screaming at you for a Remodel

Remodeling a house is not an easy decision to make. For some people, remodeling feels like erasing the memories made in the house –and you wouldn’t blame them for that. Others are just not quite ready for the money draining venture. Also understandable because remodeling can be such an expensive affair. However, there are some signs that begin to pop up forcing you to revisit your decision on remodeling. These sure signs are:

#1 – Your Family is Bumping into Each Other Everywhere

You’ll know it’s time to remodel when everyone is bumping into each other in the staircases, the hallways, the kitchen, the bathroom…almost everywhere. This means your family is outgrowing the house.

Your kids are getting bigger, but the house isn’t. The moment you feel the house is getting a little bit cramped, it’s to plan for a remodel.

#2 – Hidden House Defects Start to Show

When the roof starts to leak, paint starts to chip or you are constantly having issues with the air conditioning system, remodeling is imperative. These house defects can pose an imminent risk to your family and must be dealt with as soon as possible.

#3 – The House is Hopelessly Outdated

If every time you visit your friend’s house, come back home and start to wonder why your house feels so empty & boring – maybe your house is trying to tell you something; it needs some updating.

Do people do white appliances anymore? Probably not, because stainless steel has taken over and it’s more appealing. Make your house look like it’s in the 21st century and watch the emptiness disappear. Consider one of these common ways to update your home: bathroom remodel, kitchen redesign, back or front yard landscaping.

#4 – Empty Rooms When Kids Move Out

When your kids move out, you are left with empty rooms staring at you. You should probably think about utilizing the empty bedrooms. With the help of a contractor/home designer, you can turn the rooms to offices, guest room, entertainment room or home gym.

#5 – Unwilling to Move Despite the Poor Condition of the House

When the status of your house isn’t so appealing, but you are unwilling to move, you better start thinking about remodeling.  Most people don’t like moving because of the deep emotional connection to the house. Saying goodbye to a place full of memories is tough for most people. Others don’t want to disrupt their kids learning by moving to a different area. Whatever the reason, remodeling is the only viable option.

Interior Design Styles You Will Fall in Love With

Are you seeking for an inspiration on how to decorate your interior in a creative and unique manner? If yes, you’re at the right place because we’re just made a countdown list with the top 5 Interior design styles you will fall in love with at first sight!

Although choosing only one of these amazing and extinguishing interior design styles is difficult, feel free to pick the one that catches your eye. Improve your home starting today and turn it into a more pleasant and welcoming place. We promise you won’t regret your choice!

Rustic interior design style

The well-known Rustic style will bond your home with nature and give it an extraordinary, natural look. Characterized by wooden furniture, stone walls, and floors and reclaimed lumber, Rustic is among the most wanted interior styles worldwide. If you chose the rustic landscaping, you will definitely turn your home in a much warmer and more beautiful place.

Transitional interior design style

The transitional interior style is a blending mix of contemporary and traditional design and is one of the most popular designs. It’s perfect for people who want to keep the traditional look of their home but also add a contemporary touch. The transitional interior style is well-known for its warm neutral colors like brown, cream, gray, natural fibers, leather details and more. If you chose the transitional design style, you will certainly increase the comfort of your home.

Gothic interior design style

Characterized by dark colored walls, floors, and ceilings, the gothic design style will turn the interior of your home into an amazing space. Although it may create a comfortable atmosphere for some of your guests, the gothic style will certainly give your home an appealing outlook. Aside from the dark color, you may also choose navy blue, dark shades of brown and burgundy that are also the main colors of this style. The furniture is often black, however, the ornamentation and lighting may be purple, white or red to add contrast.

Contemporary interior design style

Strick, clean lines, large windows, asymmetrical shapes and pure elegance are the main characteristics of the contemporary style. This style will wrap your home in elegance and beauty, however, it will also turn it into a much warmer and pleasant space. Ornamentation is minimal and focused on basic lines, shapes, and forms. By choosing the contemporary interior design style, you chose a blending mix of styles developed in the previous century.

Art Nouveau interior design style

Characterized by hardwood, colorful and Oriental rug, Tiffany lamps, glass windows and flowers, the Art Nouveau represents an extraordinary style. Lighting is brown, violet or green, while the ornamentation is mostly artistic. The Art Nouveau is the perfect design style for those who wish to express their creative side and leave guests impressed.

Wooden furniture in Victorian style and perfectly curved iron details are Art Nouveau’s most recognizable features.  The Art Nouveau has the power of turning every cold place into a heartwarming and pleasant home.

Let’s Delve Into The History Of Interior Design

Interior designing is a mixture of science and arts, a comparatively different and progressing field. To accomplish vigorous and appealingly attractive atmosphere, the interior designers use the art and science of improving the interiors and sometimes exterior for space or building. Interior designer is that person who plans, explores and accomplishes different projects to beautify certain places.

History of Commercial Interior Design and Management

In the 1880s a feminist author Mary Hawses inscribed many essays in which she inspired the people how to furnish their houses like a fish shell and birds nest. She forced the people to think on good taste of decorating their houses as houses represent an individual taste and habits.

Later many new interior designers came who pay attention of people for having a good taste to decorate their houses like Candace Wheeler was first women interior designer in America. She had national authority on home design as she presented many art courses in the main American cities. Later in UK Elsie De Wolfe was one of a first female designer who by snubbing the Victorian style chosen an energetic scheme and relaxed furniture in her home. Her motive was delicate, light and fresh colors. She amassed her ideas in 1913 into a book “the house in good taste.”

Interior Designing as a Profession

Now the interior designing is the most familiar field so, to become a professional interior designer people can take several paths. To work with a senior designer and to get training from it is the informal Way of becoming a designer and has been used previously. Now the most proper and formal way of becoming a designer is to get an education from a proper college and Institute. By getting an education with a professional organization of interior designer, anyone can make excellence performance in that field.

Several employment opportunities are present in interior designing. Interior designers are hired as employees by large and tiny cooperation’s while some work on contract basis. While some interior designers start their work to fulfill the promising needs of people according to their taste.

There are two main segments in the profession of interior designing.

  • Residential
  • Commercial


To design the interior of private residences is known as residential design. Some people hire interior designers for the decoration of their houses. Sometimes they also hire them for the decoration of some events in their houses.


There are many subspecialties in the field of commercial designing.

People hire interior designers to decorate malls, shopping centers, departmental stores and their showrooms. Sometimes they have a project to design hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships, bars, cafes, theaters, night clubs, music and concert halls, sports venues, opera houses, gyms, health clubs, and spas. Somehow there is some exhibition planned in a city, and they are hired to decorate exhibition hall, museums, exhibition gallery.

While they also have a career in the field of education as they hired in the private institute to gives proper classes to students. So interior designing is now a good field which many people select as their career.

Choosing an Outstanding Interior Design

Coming up with an interior design for your home can be a daunting experience. The struggle is real as you try to agree with yourself on which one to settle for. Such a fight happening in the head is an indication you need help instead of stressing over an idea you can possibly share with friends.

Sometimes hearing it from somebody else helps you to see an idea from a different perspective.  Dreaming of an impressive home display harmonizing colors is an ideal plan everyone who appreciates the work of art incorporated into an interior design. If all that doesn’t work, it is always good to take your interior design idea to experts and share the complete outlook you would like your home to portray.

Designers Minds versus Your Plan

Interior designers are critical thinkers that see things outside the box. For you, since it is your house, you want to push things around and commanding what needs to be done. Forget your bossy status and listen to your doctor who plans to cure the looks of your house dead walls. When experts speak, you should listen and pay attention. The mind of a designer looks at the place of operation, identifies mistakes that need to be eliminated, and sees the final picture, while for you is only a four walled room with sofas and tea table.

Interior designers utilize colors, to brighten or to make the room dull depending on the owner’s terms. They went to school to transform homes, offices, and many other outlooks that bring out a good mood in a home.

Picking the Right Designer

Designers are brain Stormers who after getting a view of something, immediately their heads start to cook which angle of approach to be adopted. It is advisable to get someone you can agree with some points if not all. If not careful, you get those lousy critics who see everything from their dimensions. They are hard to deal with, leave alone working for you.

On the other hand, as a home owner, it is good to give ear to your designer so that you reach the same platform without disagreement. With such a balanced attitude allow time for the designer to showcase various pictures probably one of them may hit your target.

Understand Colors

It is not a joke if not careful to find you misguiding your designer since they are following your orders. Orders and expertise can never mix. After initial clarification of how the house should look like just leave your designer to make decisions slowly about how to carefully shape the house your way. Colors are very important in interior design and they provide your home with a new taste, touch, mood, taste, and lighting. It is good also if the color chosen reflects the favorites of the owner so as to feel the house appreciate her.


Before going out to bring an interior it is wise if you do a research on what kind of interior you want. From there you can go around searching for different interior designers comparing their expertise, pricing, and level of understanding is key before you decide on which one to settle with. That way will help you cut lots of too much clarification and explanation on what and how your home should reflect.

Research actually enlarges your view of an interior design plan. It expands your knowledge and provides you exposure from different areas. Now with that knowledge, you can opt to combine different outlooks together now with your designer until you come up with what fits your mind and house.